Monday, June 25, 2012

Niall Horan Imagine (Grace)

Imagine- You and Niall dated for about a two years. After he had becom famous and left for tours and all you could not take it anymore. The leaving and coming it was killing you so you ended things with him and it left you both heartbroken. 
It had ben a year that you and Niall had ended things and there had ben rhumors that he was dating Demi Lovato. Even tough it had ben a year you still loved him with all your heart. He was your prince and you were his princess. One night you got a call from Zayn.
-"Hey it's Zayn."
-"Oh Hey Zayn! Wazzup?"
-''Humm I really need to ask you something..."
-"Yeah shoot!"
-''Grace...don't beleive anything about the Demi and Niall story nothing is true."
-''ok...but why are you telling me this?"
-"Just beleive me when i tell you this." He says and you start to hear boys speeking in the background. "Look Grace I have to go! Bye" He says real quick and hangs up before you can react.
-"Well that was wierd" You say to yourself.
*A few weeks later*
*Ding Ding*
You hear the door bell to your flat and walk to the door. You open the door to see Zayn, Harry, Louis, and Liam. "Humm hey guys...?"
-"Hey Grace we are back from tour and decided to pay you a visite."
-"Humm ok. Where is Niall?"
-"He's at Nandos getting food for all of us. Humm can you go meet him downstairs? He might need help bringing everything up."
-"Humm sure...." You ask kind of confused. You get your shoes on and walk downstairs to the front doors of the appartement building. A few minutes laters you see a struggling blond haired guy trying to make his way thru the paparazzi. He walks thru the front doors with bags of Nandos.
-"Hey Niall." You say awkwardly. You guys had not really spoken this past year so it was awkward right now.
-"Oh hey Grace..." He says then there was an awkward silence. 
-"Humm you need help with the bags?"
-"Yeah sure! I got you your favorite..." He says cheecky
-"You remembered!?" You say blushing.
-"Of course I remember. Why would I forget my princess's favorite meal." He says and gets all read. "I mean why would I forget your favorite order..." He says and looks away. It was silent for the rest of the walk upstairs. You open the door and walk in the living room with Niall. You look at the boys and they are all standing up with a barner in the back riten "Intervetion".
-"Humm boys? What is this?" Niall asks putting down the bags on the cofe table.
-"It's an intervention!" Zayn says.
-''Why...for what..." You ask really confused.
-"For you two." Liam says.
-"Because you both have ben acting stupidly!" Louis says.
-"Why is that!?" You ask offended.
-"Guys let's state the obvius! You both are in love with each other and it's killing you two!" Harry shouts. You and Niall turn red.
-"The only reason you borke up with him ,Grace, is because you where scared of loosing him. So you ended it to not have to face that he might end up with another girl or meet someone on tour." Zayn explains.
-"The thing is that you are his princess and no matter what he might say you are and will always be his princess." Liam says.
-"And he is your prince and even tough you try to convice yourself he is not. He is and that whole Demi and Niall rhumor killed you!" Zayn says.
-"We are locking you two in your bedroom and you will not come out until you say the truth!" Harry says and brings you guys to your room. The door shuts behind you and Niall and you hear then putting things in front of your door
-"So when you said in the elevator that you would never forget your "princess's" favorite food. You meant it."
-"I love you Grace and I told you, you ARE my princess. I said it to you and a few months later you broke up with me!I I am was heartbroken. I was so mad at you but at the same time I was not. How could I be mad at my princess!?"
-"Zayn's right.."
-"What?" He asks confused.
-"What Zayn said...It's true...all of it...The reason I broke up with you well Zayn put it in words perfectly. I was scared to loose you so I ended it before I lost you for real. I know it makes no sense at all but in some wierd way it does."
-"You should of told me! I would of done something about it."
-"I'm sure you would of. But Niall I miss you! I really want to try again with you!"
-"I miss you too! I really want to start all over with you because you are my princess, but I can't promise that plenty of girls will jump on me but you have to know I will be loyal to you and no matter how beautiful the other girl might be, you will always be a hundred time pretier!"
-"I love you my prince." You smile as he grabs your hand.
-"You what!?" He says laughing and tickling you.
-"Niall!" You laugh as he keeps on tickling you. He quickly goes on top of you still tickling you. 
-"You what?" He ask again.
-"I love you MY PRINCE!" You laugh as he tickles you.
-"That's what I tought." He says and stops tickling you. He gets closer to you and your lips touch and he finaly kisses you. That kiss was passionate and perfect and everything. After a while he pulls back.
-"OH Niall how I missed your kisses." You say bitting your lip.
-"You look really sexy when you bite your lip. I just can't resist kissing you." He says and get even closer to you. Your lips where brushing against each other and he pulls back "But I'm hungry right now." He says and you start laughing.
-"I missed how you made me laugh" You say laughing. He grabs your hand helping you up and goes to open the door. The boys had mooved everything. You walk to the living room and the boys were eating the food.
-"Our plan worked!"You hear Louis say.
-"Yeah I guess you can say that" You say kissing Niall's cheeck. You both sit down at the cofe table and eat up your food.
-"Hey Grace? You know how I said I could help with your little scare of loosing me?" Niall says with his mouth full.
-"Well I can fix that!" He says proudly.
-"And how do you count on fixing that?"
-"By you comming on tour with us!" He says and you drop your fork. You look into his eyes and you its like he read your mind.
-''Boys it's settled! She's coming with us on tour!" Niall exclaim happly.


  1. wow, i wish i was living in these imagines where money is not a problem and these 5 cuties are your bestfriends :D <3 <3 <3

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  3. Best imagines ever!!!(: live them I'm addicted to reading them:)

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