Sunday, June 24, 2012

Niall Horan Imagine (Daniella)

Imagine- Today was your birthday and as always you were not doing anything much. You where staying home and watch TV most of the day. It was bout 11am and you got out of bed. You decided to have a little fun this year, so you went out and did some shopping. You bought this cute little outfit that you found just adorable. Since today was your 18th birthday you decided to go clubing so you took a shower put on your new outfit and fixed your hair. Just as you where walking out the door to go to a club you get a text from your best friend Niall
*Meet me at my place!*
You sighed and got in your car to go to his place. A few minutes later you arrive at her flat you knock on the door. He screams to you to come in. You open the door and everything is dark. You turn on the light and see a table set for two. There was some Nandos in the plates and he held a single rose in his hand.
-"Daniella...I have something on my mind and I just can't keep it in no longer. You beauty shines and it never goes to sleep. It might be out of the blue but Daniella oh how I love you. Daniella I love you more than you'll ever know. More than you'll ever know." He sings 
You always had feelings for Niall but after he became famous you tought you'd never have a chance with him. You teo had becom distant and just to have him for a minute would mean the world to you, and know he is standing here singing you a song holding a single rose and all dressed up. He looked adorable and you loved it.
-"So yeah I love you Daniella...For like a few years now and I got you this for your birthday." He stutters and gives you a little box and a card. You opened the box and there was a beautiful ring in it.

Niall looked at you and said "It's just to let you know that we will always be friends no matter what."
-"But Niall what if I want to be more than friends..." You smile
-"Well then a promise ring."
-"I love you Niall more then you'll ever know." You go to kiss him but he refuses.
-"Open the letter first!" He insists.
-"Fine..." You sigh and open the letter. 
*Happy Birthday Daniella! Will you PLEASE come on tour with me!? 
xoxo Love Niall*
-"Of course I will Niall!''
-''Only if I can come as your official girlfriend!"
-''Yes Girlfriend! I can't wait to show the world that we are finaly dating!"
-"Haha I love you Nialler!"
-"I love you too Daniella." He says and kisses you. "Want to eat?"
-"Yess Niall I'm starving."

A week later Niall picks you up at your flat and you both walk out hand in hand. The paparazzi are going crazy over this. Niall stops you and whispers in your ear "I love you babe!" You smile and kiss him whispering. "I love you to honey!"