Monday, June 18, 2012

Harry Styles Imagine 5 Part 5

Imagine Part 5-
-"And we are back!" The Host says "So Harry what was that all about? The speechless face then the running of stage? Can we have an explanation?"
-"Umm, well...I don't want to say anything really. I want to keep this personal." Harry says while looking at the ground.
-"Ooooh little Harry has a secret! Can we at least have a name I mean she has ben on the tour bus with you guys for months and we don't even know her name!"
-"If you guys don't know her name maybe it's because it's supposed to be a secret!" Harry says anoyed.
The interview goes on for anothe half hour and you on your end got dressed and went out of the tour bus to garb some fresh air. You decide to go for a walk in the park right next to the tour bus. Everything was calm and normal, until you spot paparazzi comming your way. You try to run away but before you know it, the paparazzi are around you asking you tuns of questions.
-"Are you and Harry dating!?"
-"Can we have a name mistery girl?"
-"How long have you and Harry ben together?"
All these questions seem to come out of nowhere. Out of the blue you feel someone catching your arm and pulling you out of the sworm of camera's. You turn around to see Paul.
-"Next time tell me where your going. You can't just run of like this anymore." Paul tell's you as he is protecting you from the paparazzi.
-"I know I'm sorry I just needed a bit a fresh air."
Paul walks you back to the tour bus and you walk in. The boys were not here yet so you decide to turn on the TV.
-"Spotted Harry's mistery girl wandering around in the park today!" The womenon the Tv says and a picture of you walking alone appered in the background. You quickly change the chanel to a cartoon. You watch is for about 15 minutes before you close your eyes shut. After a while you wake up to the sound of screaming fans and camera flashes comming from outside. You check your watch it was about 10 pm. You ask yourself were the boys went but then decide to just change and go to sleep. 5 minutes later you went in Harry's bed because it was the one that would best hide the flashes. You close the curtain and then shut your eyes.
You were not copletly asleep so you heard the boys walking in the bus.
-"Hazza where is yoru girlfriend?" Niall teased.
-"Oh shut up you guys. I don't even know if it's official. She told me she loved me but I could feel that she is not ready. We are just trying right now so I can't really place us right now." Harry explains.
-"Whatever you want lover boy" Niall teases again. 
A few minutes later you feel two strong arms rapped around you and then soft lips kiss your forhead. That night during your sleep you taught alot. The next you woke up really early and the bus was still rolling to the boys next gig. You kiss Harry and get out of bed to find Eleanor on the bus. She turns to you as you walk to the couch.
-"What are you doing here?" You ask her
-"Humm well after the boys interview they came and get me at the airport and after that we just went out. But where were you?"
-"Oh that explains why they came back so late. And I told them that I was going to stay in the bus all day. I wanted some alone time."
-"Oh well that explains everything." She tell's you and you walk to get a cup of coffe and sit next to Eleanor.

-"Tell me (y/n)...what's going on between you and Harry?"
-"I love him."
-"Ok but I mean yesterday he did not say anything to the host about you two and how he felt you were not ready to get really serious with him and blablabla..."
"Well at least I think I love him."
-"And how will you be sure that you love him?"
-"I thought alot about this last night, and what would make me sure or not is if I saw James one last time. Then, knowing me, I will make up my mind and I will choose wich one I want."
-"But your only going to be seing him in a year!"
-"Faith will choose if I meat him before or not."
-"Fine but let's hope it's soon because I don't want to see Harry be crushed even more everyday because he does not know if your going to choose him."
-"I wish that this day will come soon because I can't stand this confusion any longer."
-"I hope it does to."


  1. babe, could you make one Imagine with me and Niall? *-* I'll be so happy! but if you can't that's ok. :) My name is Daniella. :) x

  2. Yeah sure as I said in one of my last post my exams are right now so I'll get to work on it once Im done. Only 4 more left

  3. When are you gonna do the next part :D

  4. Humm I'll probably start it tonight maybe it will be ready to be posted by tonight

  5. Lol idk why but its very interesting

  6. hahaha thankx
    Oh and I just posted the new part :)