Friday, May 11, 2012

Niall Horan Imagine 1

Imagine-You and Niall have ben firends since kindergarden. You have always had feelings for him but he never showed any atention to you in that way so you pushed it aside. After him and the boys came third on the Xfactor he had invited you over to hang with him and the boys.
-"Hey Niall! I missed you so much! I'm so proud of you!" you said while jumping in his arms.
-"Hey Anne! I missed you to! And yeah i still can't beleive all of this." he said huging you back with a big smile on his face.
After huging he grabs your hand and brings you quickly to the room where the rest of the boys where.
-"So guys this is Anne! and Anne that Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis." He says pointing to each one fo them after letting go of your hand.
-"Hey Anne!" They all say at the same time.
-"Hey Niall she's pritier in person than you discribed!" Zayn says while winking at you.
-"Umm thanks...I guess." Anne says wondering what he meant by that.
You turned your head and saw that Niall was getting red from blushing. So he could get out of the room he went and get snacks. So you took a seat on the couch and did not say a word.
-"Soo you and Niall dating?" Harry says
You quickly turn your head and shout "NO!".
-"Ok then if you guys are not dating you got to admit that you like him." Louis says smirking and looking at you straight in the eyes.
-"Hey!" you looked into Louis eyes and it's like he read your mind.
-"C'mon it's all cool, we wont tell." Louis says again.
-"Fine... I kinda like him... but we are just friends and I'm sure we will only stay friends." You said looking down at the ground. You could see all the boys hudle up and start to talk in a small circle so you couldin't hear. After a few seconds they turn around and go back to there spots all smiling like idiots. Just after they sat down Niall walked in with food and looked and the boys wondering what happened while he was gone. He put the drinks and snacks on the table and sat down next to you.
-"Soo you guys wanna play a games of truth or dare?" Liam says while winking at you then starting to laugh with the rest of the boys. You and Niall looked at each other with confused faces but both accepted anyways.
-"Zayn! Truth or dare?" Harry says. "Dare!" Zayn awnsers. "ok...I dare you to get up and start dancing!" Harry says laughing while Zayn turns red and gets up to start and dance. A minute later Zayn sits back down and says " Niall truth or dare?" knowing Niall he was going to choose truth and you were right. "Do you fancy someone and if so who?" Niall turned red and you quickly enderstod what the boys where up to so you turned red to.
-"hummm...well...umm...yeah...I kinda sorta fancy someone...hummm... do I really have to say who?!" He said turning reader than ever. And at the same time all of the boys shouted "YES!"
-"ok... humm...wel i can tell you she is beautiful and the most amazing persone ever..." you were about to cry so you ran out of the room and went outside and sat on the portch  steps.
-"GUYS!! what the hell!" Niall says screaming."What are you guys doing are you trying to like i don't know mess everything up!"
-"Sorry dude! we just had to... I'll go and see her..." Liam said while getin up.
-"Wait stay here!" you told Liam. "What do you mean you had to...?"
-"Well DUDE! you're so blind! you should go and speek to her you will understand!" Zayn said to you with a serious face.
So Niall got up took hsi jacket and went outside to meet you.
-"Here." He says while putting his jacket over you're shoulders. " I don't know what came thru their minds but I don't understand why you ran out crying!?"
-"Well it's because I love you Niall!! and hearing you talk about the girl you liked killed me on the inside." You said while trying to whipe away  your tears.
-"Anne..your so stupid!" He said while laughing but being serious at the same time. " if you would of stayed a bit longer you would of found out it was you... you're the beautifull amazing talented did I mention beautiful!"
-"Really!?" you say and start to smile.
-"Yeah!" He almost screams while whiping away you're tears with his thumb, and just when you where about to kiss... Louis opens the door and stops and scream "Boys!! Come quick!" and a few seconds later they where all at the door staring at you to. You and Niall turn your heads and Niall says " Just a few more minutes and will be in" He said winking at you. So the boys close the door but you both knew they where staring thru the window but did not mind. Niall put his hands around your waist and leaned in for a kiss. You kissed for about 5 minutes and had no intention of stoping until you hear someone taking a picture and leaving. You start to laugh and pull away from the kiss but Niall brings you in closer and whispers to you "Sooo...can I have the honor of calling you my girlfriend in front of the whole world?" You smile and whisper to him " Well only if I can have the honor of calling you my boyfriend!" You both smile and kiss each other.  A minute later Niall grabs your hand and you go back in the living room and it was like the boys already knew and they all smiled at you to. A minute later you hear a beeping noise comming from your phone to see a tweet from Louis riten -are they not cute- with a picture of you and Niall kissing outside. You show it to Niall and he grabs you and kisses you.


  1. SO many gramaticle mistakes and I get kinda confuse with the you and everything like that...

  2. seriously -.- if you don't like it then go in the corner qith the rest of the people that i don't give a fuck about merci bonsoir

  3. I loved it you should check out mine and tell me what you think


  4. that was soo cute lol i loved it so cute!! :D

    1. haha :) thanks! sorry for the mistakes! it was one of my firstnomagine and I was still getting used to writing them! I've gotten better :P and I hole you like my other imagines to! :)