Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Harry Styles Imagine 4

Imagine-You and Harry have ben dating for about 4 years tomorow. Harry knew that you belived in sex until mariage and he respected it. Altough you could see in his eyes that he wanted it so bad. Tonight you were going over to his appartment and sleep over there. 
-"Hey Harry!" You say as he openes the door.
-"Hey Honey! Did you know that in a few hours we are going to be dating for 4 years exactly?!" Harry says kissing you and smilling at you.
-"Humm I'm not to sure I know that I most of forgoten to check my agenda." You tell him teasingly.
-"What! You don't know what tomorow is!" Harry says thinking you were srious.
-"Harry! I know what to morw is! How could I forget the best 4 years of my life!" You smile kissing him. You walk into the living room and there was food on the table. Italien was your favorite and Harry cooked for you your favorit meal. You sat down and ate and after Harry had cleaned the table off you went on the couch and cuddled up with him watching the Hunger Games one of your favorite movies. After the movie Harry starts to kiss you then tell's you
-"Moove in with me! Comon it has ben almost 4 years and every day aways from you is like hell and I need you in my life." 
-"Yes...Yes Harry! but you know you can't try anything with me you know that!" You tell him. He smiles and kisses you. After a while the kiss get more passionate and Harry lays you down  and he places himself over you. After a while you pull back and say
-"Harry...Harry I can't I don't want to not until I'm married." You push him away from your mouth.
-"Fine then marry me! I can't live without you and when I'm going to leave soon I want to be able to call you something more than my girlfirend." Harry exclames.
-"What! Harry! we have only ben together 4 years!" You tell him
-"I don't care! Here take my ring! I want it to be yours I want to be with you for the rest of my life! I love you and I need you with me forever."
-"Harry your not just saying this because you want to do it with me! If you really want to marry we wont do it until I ask for it!" You explain to Harry.
-"Fine I don't care if we don't do it tonight I just want you to be mine forever." 
-"I do then I do!" You smile and kiss him. He takes your hand and puts his ring around your finger. You kiss him again and it gets more passionate after a while Harry pulls back and says "Do you really want this I mean are you sure you wont regret it?" You kiss him again and tell him "If i did not want it I would of pushed you back already" 
You pull Harry back in and the kiss get more passionet every minute.

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