Saturday, May 12, 2012

Louis Imagine (Yelena)

Imagine- You and Louis have ben dating for 4 months and you guy both decided to go clubing. You chose to wear your favorite dress (a short purple dress) with a nice pair of black heels. Once at the club you left Louis for 3 seconds and when you came back he was sorounded by girls so you went and sit down at the bar when 2 girls walk over to you and tell you:
-"woow your Louis girlfiriend. He has no taste! Like i mean look at you your so ugly! I suggeste you leave our boy alone before you make him as ugly as you." The girls smirk and you and leave. A tear rolls down you eye but you told yourself that there stupid and you whiped away you tear and walked over to Louis again.
-"Hey Bobear!" You say smilling happy that you can finaly go and see him.
-Hey Babe! Care to dance." He says dancing and grabing you by the waist. You start to dance. Your heels where starting to hurt so you told Louis you where going to sit at the bar. You ordered a drink and the 2 same girls from before come up to you and say:
-What did we tell you about our guy!" They scream and you then one one them slaps you across the face and the other one pushing you of your seat making you fall to the ground. Louis sees it all and runs towards you. He grabs you in his arms and looks up at the 2 girls saying:
-"Really it's one thing sending hate messages to my girl but it's another thing to hurt her! How dare you call yourselfs Directioners!" Louis screams to the girls then grabs you hand to make you stand up. Both girls shut there mouths and looked stuned and don't move. Still holding your hand he grabs your purse and walks outside. All of a suden the paparazzi are all around you and Louis. It takes you a while to finally get out of the sworm of paparazzy. You both finally arrive at a park bench and sit. Even tough you were with Louis boys would wisthle at you wich would make Louis furious. But you found a quiet spot and sit down on the bench. Louis looks at you face where the girl slapped you and kisses it gentely. You were still crying because it hurt but Louis grabed your hands and said:
-"Hey! I don't know what they told you but you are mine! and no one can change that! I promise next time to stay by your side! And if they told you that your ugly well dont beleive them! You are the most beautiful preson on earth and you are perfect to me." Louis says and then leans in closer and kisses you.
-"I love you Louis." You say kissing him back.
-"" Louis says between kisses.
The next morning you and Louis kiss on the bench at the park was all over the internet and when you saw it it made you laugh and at the same time Louis sees you looking at the pictures and kisses you.

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